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Md. Minhazul Haque
Embedded System Engineer, Tech Junkie, Minimalist, Food Lover

About Me

Hi, welcome to my homepage on the internet!

This is Md. Minhazul Haque, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I work as an Embedded System Engineer at AplombTech BD Ltd. I compile codes, write scripts, and brick chips for a living.

I completed my undergraduate degree on Computer Science and Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh.

I feel really excited when I work with Linux. I love to learn new languages and tinker with them. Writing clean, self documented and maintainable codes is my thing. I am a great fan of minimalism and flat design. Being a strongly motivated opensource enthusiast, I try to publish my works on public domains as well as contributing to other projects.

I spend my free time watching movies, reading tech blogs and books, and playing retro games like Megaman and Metal Slug. I listen to soft rock, electronic and classical songs when I get chances.

You can read my blog posts at Bits, browse my codes at Github, upvote my StackExchange channels, connect to my LinkedIn, follow me at Twitter, plus one me at Google+, check the list of Movies I watch and rate, review my answers at Quora or even check my Instagram for random photos I take.

Thank you for visiting my web page. You can reach me through the social links at the top of any page on this site, or send me an email to hello at this domain. I would love to hear from you about this site as well as my works.