Convert QByteArray to Unicode QString

Posted on 22 Jul, 2012 in qt

I was working with a networking based application. But when I requested data with QNetworkAccessManager, I got the reply text like this one.

Изучение и обучение иностранных языков 

It happened because the page I was trying to download contains Unicode characters. So I needed to convert the reply texts into Unicode so that I can use them as QString. I just did the following:

QByteArray reply8bit = networkreply->readAll();
QString replyUnicode = QString::fromLocal8Bit(reply8bit);
qDebug() << replyUnicode;

And viola! I got the Unicode back! Look...

Изучение и обучение иностранных языков

So while using QByteArray as Unicode, just use QString::fromLocal8bit() function. :)